Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Freezing the Toad

Well, this will be short and sweet and low on pictures.

I thought I'd just share, in general, that I am in Pamplona; Spanish home of the annual running of the idiots (as the bulls like to call it), though the festival of the patron saint, San Fermin, is in summer.

In winter, it is so cold and windy here that the train trip was lined, once we were in Navarra, with wind farms (and one solar farm). The wind farms are so successful that the entire region's electricity is provided by them.

I finally finished breaking the nikkor lens on my camera (which almost made me cry--several times). I will be taking pics, but on Manual focus and with no help from the lens (which doesn't switch to a manual style of focusing when set to manual (or can't because it's broken), who knows.

I do promise to get as many good pics as I can and post them, as well as continue my comments on France and Spain; probably tomorrow--now that Jaime's almost been electrocuted by a lamp and my complaints tot he hotel management about that and the (short) list of other room issues has gotten us an upgrade and free wifi.

Plans for New Years, anyone?